Leather Care

T.O. Leather Care


Preventative Maintenance

Our leather jackets come fully tanned and treated to insure water resistancy. However precautionary spray may be applied to your leather and suede garments at the time of purchase, and periodically thereafter with a silicone based Leather and Suede Protector.

To Preserve the shape of your garment use padded hangers when drying or storing. It is best to avoid using plastic garment covers for leather and suede require cloth based storage bags to allow the garments to breathe. Store your garment in a dry, dust free closet for optimal protection.
Care When Wet
Most of our leather garments are water resistant, it is best to confirm with the sales agent at the time of purchase. If garment gets wet, dab gently with a dry towel or cloth and hang it to dry. Do not place the garment near to heat source to avoid shrinking or deformation.


If the leather garment wrinkles due to improper handling or storage, place the coat in a steamy bathroom for 5 minutes and most wrinkles will fall.
When pressing the garment use a dry iron set at a low temperature with brown wrapping paper used as a press cloth. Press lightly and move quickly to prevent the garment from overheating and shining.

In case of a substance spill, use a wet cloth to remove the matter, and then dry with a damp cloth.

Dry clean only when absolutely necessary and only by a professional and reputable  leather cleaner. Professional Leather Cleaners use products that contain special cleaners and oils to clean and condition while matching the leather type.

If you need to dry clean two-piece leather and suede outfits (i.e. vests and pants or skirt) it would be best toclean all the pieces together to ensure that the tones continue to match.