Tailors Corner


At T.O. Leather Fashions we believe in using the highest quality materials in all of our garments. Our buyers travel the world in search for the best hides, linings, zippers, and threads insuring not only piece of mind, but also a garment that will outlast its competition.

When looking for a coat one must pay close attention to the materials that make up the garment


Our Leathers.


The Bulk of our skins are imported from Spain or Italy

Merino Shearling, which is only found in Spain, is the softest and lightest of all the shearlings. The wool side is treated with a special formula to create a recognizable two-tone silver effect.

Merino Shearling: The Pelt of Merino shearling is hand-buffed with a unique volcanic pumice stone, its later hand-dyed to create a rugged, Rustic, worn look.

Curly Suede Sheepskin:  Curly Suede is the name given to sheepskin with tight curls on one side and a suede finish on the other. It’s a perfect pelt for those who don’t enjoy the tradition feeling of long wool.

Toscana Shearling: 
This Italian Pelt features a soft suede or leather finish on one side and long, silky wool on the other. The Toscana shearling is hand dyed for a natural, wild look, and is guaranteed to be a conversation piece in any wardrobe.


Our Lining

The lining is the backbone to any garment, often underestimated, a high quality liner will add comfort, warmth, and longevity to the garment. The key to a lining is to maximize warmth and at the same time minimize unnecessary bulk.

The majority of our coats are outfitted with a Canadian Made Kasha Liner

Kasha is a flannel backed satin. This means that one side is satin (acetate) and the back is a brushed cotton (flannel).

We also offer removable or “zip out liners” .


Weve all experienced it, that one pesky zipper that falls apart after a few weeks, or seize up in the middle of winter.

Fortunately that wont happen with our zippers. We hand select world class zippers with galvanic, vizlon, and metal finishes to insure a responsive zipper for years to come.